Shrimpy vs TokenTact What is the best trading tool for you?

You may also want to search the internet for the best forex robot reviews from reputable online sources. Numerous websites review the best forex robots and cover all of their features in detail – so make sure to read a few different reviews to get a comprehensive overview. First and foremost, you need to consider the robot’s accuracy rating. With that said, you should be looking for a trading robot with an accuracy rating of at least 88%. In addition, forex robots do not sleep (obviously), meaning that they are in operation 24/7, ensuring that potentially lucrative opportunities are not missed. This is one of the major selling points and benefits of using these forex tools.

  • Engaging with the trading community and seeking feedback from experienced traders can provide valuable insights.
  • To wrap up our feature section in our TokenTact review, we would have loved to see a TokenTact backtesting mechanic.
  • Customer service options, including live chat and the Telegram channel, contribute to a positive user experience.
  • If you have no background in cryptocurrency or trading strategy, we highly recommend going through the trading school courses.
  • The two most popular automated trading bots are TokenTact and TokenTact.

In conclusion, we’ve explored the workings of the Grid Bot, a unique trading strategy that operates on the cryptocurrency market. This strategy offers several advantages, such as continuous trading and the ability to specify upper and lower price limits, along with the width of each level. These automated trading systems have transformed the way traders approach the foreign exchange market, offering a range of benefits and opportunities.

You will be offered priority support and custom features depending on what your particular case requires. You can purchase any plan with credit card payments, transfers via PayPal or cryptocurrency wallets. TokenTact users choose the payment option depending on what tools they prefer. The starter package offers a SmartTrade terminal [Spot and Futures], concurrent take profit and stop loss, and short and long algorithms.

All other exchanges support the chart widget, and annotations, and display the “buy”, “sell”, “take profit”, “stop loss” and “average price” horizontal lines. However, the system has some loopholes such as limited demo account features and lack of MT5 support. Also, reviews regarding the customer & live support are controversial. Which is why you might want to pick a trading bot that has the lowest possible drawback rate to protect your riches. However, such bots are more reliable over the longer investment horizon — a little patience goes a long way.


Both of these top platforms have established themselves as reasonably priced platforms for professionals. These top exchanges can provide the necessary liquidity for smooth trading experience. In the following image, we can see how each trading bot is configured to a trading pair. In addition to this configuration, there is an unlimited number of available options for how you can build a trading bot. Portfolio tracking is simply the ability to monitor a portfolio over time, observe trends, and make educated decisions about your assets.

Also, you can create from the Dashboard your DCA bot or make the new Smart Trade. If you know some friends, who would be interested in TokenTact, please find your referral link in the “Invite friends” section. It has significant bugs that make it more of a liability than a benefit and their support always says it’s not their fault.

TokenTact comes across as one such trading platform, best known for the widest possible collection of trading bots. And how all of that adds up as a holistic trading experience is what we will explore in this TokenTact review. Automated trading platforms or ‘bots’ have become a popular way to trade cryptos. Instead of having to watch the crypto markets, and look for entry and exit opportunities, crypto trading bots do most of the work.

HaasOnline is one of the oldest and most reputable automated trading companies in crypto. Their distinguished reputation comes from their trade automation software that has been executing trading strategies for crypto traders since 2014. Those tasks are developed for such cases when a trader urgently wants to close his bots and exit the trades as soon as possible. TokenTact arbitrage bots connect to Binance, HitBTC, Kraken, BitBay, and more through API keys.

While Shrimpy focuses on portfolio management and providing a pleasant user experience, TokenTact is designed for the advanced trader who wants to implement complex strategies. TokenTact offers a wide range of technical indicators, controls, and smart trading features in its smart trading terminal. TokenTact is an online cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The service was launched in 2017 to help automate cryptocurrency trading for both experts and beginners alike.

Sort out a bot and scrutinize any drawbacks attached to the bot you’re planning to use. While reading news about a specific bot, you should do a fact check on the review article and check for sources. Some scammers pay freelance writers to write-up exceptional reviews for their products to get people to sign up.